The SkyVue Story


SkyVue Outdoor TV has been manufacturing the industry’s leading outdoor displays for the last decade. Unsurpassed customer service, coupled with the world’s most innovative and durable outdoor displays, make SkyVue the premium choice for stadiums, amusement parks and the most quality driven homeowners.

Outdoor weather brings a multitude of elements to consider when manufacturing an outdoor display, namely dust, sunlight, hot and cold temperatures, etc. SkyVue takes pride in offering the most options for your outdoor environment, creating a display for every outdoor condition.

Starting from a blank piece of aluminum, each SkyVue TV goes through a series of strict quality-controlled steps to become a TV specifically engineered at every level for outdoor use. We house each aspect of production, quality control and sales under one roof to ensure every step of the process meets our standard of excellence. Each and every SkyVue outdoor TV is made specifically for each customer.

In 2015, SkyVue created an industry benchmark with the introduction of the optically bonded outdoor display: The OBX. SkyVue’s engineering team invented a proprietary process that optically bonds all sizes of display, up to 65”, to reduce glare and increase image clarity at more viewing angles. The OBX quickly gained notoriety as the industry’s Gold Standard in durability, coupled with superior optical quality.

While SkyVue continues to break innovation barriers in the outdoor display field, there is no corporate office, call center or warehouse. SkyVue is a family-owned company and we take great pride in building a quality, American-built product with an exceptional customer experience.

SkyVue Facilities


SkyVue was born in a 6,000 small warehouse space in Rock Hill, SC, with three tiny offices and a small assembly area. There was no particular rush to hit the marketplace, as it was going to take some time to design the best outdoor tv for the best price in the market. After a year and a half of design and studying, the website went live in December of 2010, and all of the sudden, the small warehouse was servicing 48 states within the next 10 months.

Since 2010, SkyVue has grown to occupy 166,000 square feet of production facilities. 45,000 square feet is dedicated to blanking and fabrication and 121,000 square feet dedicated to engineering, assembly and quality control. Our manufacturing processes are linked through proprietary and custom software that we built in house to facilitate the manufacturing processes of our quality-made outdoor products.


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