The SkyVue Story


SkyVue Outdoor TV was founded by Craig Sloan.

In 1972, Craig Sloan founded a design, manufacturing and sales company called The GSI Group. He grew it over the next 33 years to a small multi-national market leading manufacturing company with 2,000+ employees. In the spring of 2005, Sloan sold The GSI Group to a Boston private equity group.

After a brief attempt of retirement, Craig had an experience that would change his whole direction and focus as an entrepreneur, when he purchased an outdoor TV in 2008.

At north of $4,000, Craig expected a good product that he could trust outdoors, and he got just the opposite. The tv was an indoor Vizio TV, turned “outdoor” which to this manufacturer, means duct taping the vent holes and masking the Vizio logo with their own.

After that delivery, Craig set out on a new mission – to design, build and market the best outdoor TV in the market, and sell and service directly to the end customer – without a middle man. Then, SkyVue Outdoor TV’s was born.

After taking the company live in 2010, SkyVue Outdoor TV’s has grown to over 75 employees in 166,000 square feet of production. SkyVue has full time engineering, design, testing and manufacturing teams that allow the company to produce the highest quality outdoor TV in the market, at a price real people can afford.

In 2014, Craig’s son, Michael joined the SkyVue management team as President and COO. Prior to SkyVue, Michael served as the CEO of My Frequency, a technology company based in San Francisco, CA, along with co-founding, advising and managing start-ups in biotech, entertainment and real estate. In 2014, Michael moved back to the east coast with his family to be closer to home and focus on the family business.

SkyVue Facilities


SkyVue was born in a 6,000 small warehouse space in Rock Hill, SC, with three tiny offices and a small assembly area. There was no particular rush to hit the marketplace, as it was going to take some time to design the best outdoor tv for the best price in the market. After a year and a half of design and studying, the website went live in December of 2010, and all of the sudden, the small warehouse was servicing 48 states within the next 10 months.

Since 2010, SkyVue has grown to occupy 166,000 square feet of production facilities. 45,000 square feet is dedicated to blanking and fabrication and 121,000 square feet dedicated to engineering, assembly and quality control. Our manufacturing processes are linked through proprietary and custom software that we built in house to facilitate the manufacturing processes of our quality-made outdoor products.


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