Never Take Your Indoor TV Outside buy SkyVue

Never Take Your Indoor TV Outside!

Never Take Your Indoor TV Outside buy SkyVue

#1 is Safety. The Outdoor TV is designed specifically for use outdoors. Here are the reasons why:


Indoor TV’s have ventilation holes in the housing so the heat created by the internal electronics can escape before doing major damage to the electronic circuitry. When placed outdoors, these necessary ventilation holes provide an easy passage way for moisture, insects, dust, and dirt. These elements entering the TV will lead to short circuiting the electronics; and scarier, it can lead to deadly electrocution to you or a loved one. The potentially lethal combination of moisture, electronics, and 110 volt electricity is nothing to take lightly.


What if I tape over the holes of my TV in order to prevent the penetration of moisture, insects, dust and dirt? You can, but this is a very bad idea! If you close the ventilation holes in an indoor TV, the TV will very quickly self destruct from the high heat trapped internally. Most indoor TVs today are black, which compounds this high temperature problem due to heat absorbance. High temperature leads very quickly to premature electronic circuit board life.


One of the first things you will discover when you haul your indoor-TV outside is the total lack of sound volume. You need a lot more volume when viewing TV outside. The key is a well designed, in-house-designed outdoor speaker bar with a higher wattage.


The next thing you will notice is how dim or washed out the screen looks. Indoor TVs typically have a 250 nit display. A nit is a unit of visible-light intensity. SkyVue’s Outdoor TVs start at 500 nit displays which appear to be much brighter when outdoors.


In the outdoors, the daily fast temperature swings from high to low and low to high are many times greater than in your home. These fast changes in temperatures create air laden moisture which leads to corrosion on the circuitry inside the TV.


In order to sustain these fast temperature swings, and overall extreme conditions of the outdoors, you must have heavily conformal coated circuitry. Since indoor TVs don’t experience anything close to these conditions, they are simply not designed for it. It would add considerable cost to conformal coat circuit boards which an indoor TV doesn’t need.


Glare: Never Take Your Indoor TV Outside!

Have you ever tried watching television in a very sunny room? If so, you’ve experienced that glare that makes watching TV somewhat annoying if you ask me! Most indoor TV screens don’t have a very good anti-glare screen coating which will is essential to viewing TV outside. Indoor TV housings are made from composite resins which work very well for their application. When placing an indoor TV outside, it’s exposure to ultra-violet light goes up dramatically which will cause deterioration.


Still not convinced? Make sure you read the warranty on your standard TV before making the decision to bring it outside. You will find that you will void your warranty. Don’t let a hungry commissioned salesperson tell you differently. If you are told that the warranty will be honored, make sure you ask them to put that commitment in writing.


As you’ve read, there is a time and place for everything. So remember, never take your indoor TV outside. Buy a SkyVue Outdoor TV.


Now is the time. Start shopping for your new Outdoor TV!