Pixel Resolution SkyVue

Pixel Resolution – What Does it Mean?

Pixel Resolution SkyVue

SkyVue outdoor television screens have a pixel resolution of 1920 x1080, but what does that actually mean?


Pixel resolution is sometimes mistaken for the size of the displayed image, with the assumption that the larger the resolution, the larger the image. There is some validity to that, but pixel resolution more accurately represents the level of detail the image holds.


A pixel, which is short for picture element, is basically the building block of a digital image. It’s generally understood to be the smallest element of a picture you can control. The more pixels, the more detail and the closer the image looks to the real thing.


Outdoor TV screens are described with two figures: the number of columns and the number of rows of pixels creating the display. So a 1920 x 1080 screen like ours has 1,920 columns and 1,080 rows of pixels making up the image – that’s over 2 million pixels! (2,073,600 to be exact.)


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