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Watch TV Outside with Your SkyVue

watch tv outside blog skyvueBelieve it or not, you can now safely watch TV outside! Thousands of people in the US are turning to SkyVue to get an optimum entertainment experience in places such as patios, boats, tailgating lots, and by the pool just to name a few. While we all know moisture plus electricity equals no fun, we some times as humans feel like we are invincible.


Close your eyes and imagine this…(okay, don’t really close your eyes or you won’t be able to read this)…  The weather is getting warmer. The pool is looking nice. The kids are out playing (or maybe they’ve already even moved out!). You’re relaxing on your reclined pool chair. Birds are swooping by, bees are buzzing. The smell of charcoal and meat on the grill starts to make your stomach growl. You’re planning on having one or more get togethers outside this season and you’re really excited because your patio hasn’t looked better.


Most of us can agree that 1. our stomachs growled while reading that, and 2. you can imagine the perfect day being like this. The best part about this wonderful thought, is that it can get better. Much better.



Watch TV Outside

SkyVue has taken this very experience and combined it with the comfort of relaxing in your living room while watching your favorite team win the Super Bowl, or even watching the next episode of House of Cards. Built on the idea that quality and clarity are the #1 things, SkyVue has dedicated their business to improving your home, and improving these amazing experiences.


SkyVue Outdoor Televisions allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies outside. In the off season, you don’t have to worry about bringing your SkyVue TV inside. They are designed to last through rain, snow, sun, ice, and heat. Cooling fans allow your TV to stay cool during the hottest Summers while heating elements allow your SkyVue to keep warm during the coldest winters. Dust, moisture, rust, and insects don’t stand a chance against SkyVue’s rugged & powder-coated aluminum housing. A permanent fix for what could be the best outdoor living space in town.


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