Points to Consider When Buying an Outdoor TV

The Top 5 Points to Consider When Buying an Outdoor TV [VIDEO]

Points to Consider When Buying an Outdoor TVThinking about buying an Outdoor TV? Let’s face it. People are starting to set up outdoor televisions in their backyards, at their businesses (restaurants, sports stadiums, theme parks), and pools more and more. We are finally starting to see less people bring their indoor TVs outside (which is extremely dangerous!). Well and healthy people & indoor TVs in their natural environments make us happy. Over the years, SkyVue has collected customer insight and compiled the most important factors that need to be considered when buying your outdoor TV. Below, we are going to give details on why location, size, sound, accessories and connectivity are all important.



Here are the Top 5 Points to Consider When Buying an Outdoor TV:

1. Location

Decide on the best location for a TV in your outdoor space. SkyVue Outdoor TVs are perfect for patios, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, pools, restaurants, sports stadiums and theme parks. SkyVue offers different brightness options, sure to accommodate your tv’s exposure to sunlight.


2. Size

Determine the optimal tv size for your outdoor space. SkyVue offers outdoor tv sizes ranging from 32 to 80″! The average distance viewers will be from the TV will determine which size you should get.


3. Sound

SkyVue Outdoor TVs come standard with a premium sound bar to ensure the optimal outdoor cinematic experience. Our marine grade sound bars are available up to 150 watts!


4. Accessories

Now it’s time to consider how to display your SkyVue. We offer outdoor mounting accessories for every size (shop accessories here!).


5. Connectivity

Ready to power up!? All you need is 2 power outlets, a solid cable connection and the included waterproof remote. Be sure your wireless router is in range….because remember, SkyVue Outdoor TVs are the smartest in the market, offering hundreds of apps.


Now that you have considered everything from purchase to plug-in, it’s time to choose the SkyVue that’s right for you!


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