SkyVue Outdoor Televisions

42” SkyVue Outdoor TV
NXG Partial Sun Series
Bright Display for Partial Sun
(500 NIT Brightness)

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42” SkyVue Outdoor TV
NXG Partial Sun Series
Bright Display for Partial Sun
(500 NIT Brightness)
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SkyVue Outdoor TVs has a brand new lineup of  LED all weather televisions. Loaded with the latest in Outdoor TV technology, SkyVue TV is able to provide you a full 1080p High Definition Outdoor TV built right here in the USA. Order yours direct from the manufacturer today.
Suggested applications include porches, decks, pergolas, patios where sun touches parts of the surface of the TV for a few hours each day.*SkyVue's Optional Built-In WiFi System is only available at time of purchase.

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    Regular Price: $2,299.00

    Special Price $1,799.00

    SkyVue Outdoor TV’s is proud to introduce the all-new Partial Sun (PS) Outdoor TV’s. The SkyVue PS models are built for applications with Partial Sun. Our PS line is a perfect fit for covered porches, patios, gazebos and verandas, where sun exposure is limited. The PS models are made of high quality powder coated aluminum and manufactured in South Carolina, USA. We are proud to support our country and are working hard to keep electronics Made in America.


    Outdoor Brightness

    These rugged and reliable PS models are available in two different brightness options: 500 nit (2x brighter than indoor TV) and 700 nit (3x brighter than indoor TV). When mounting a TV outdoors, brightness is THE most important factor to consider before making your purchase. Regardless of placement, application and sun exposure, Outdoor TV’s need to be bright! So, don’t settle for indoor tv brightness of 250 nit.


    Premium Sound

    The SkyVue PS models have two Sound Bar upgrade options: 20W or 60W Outdoor Speaker Bars.

    Open outdoor spaces require larger and louder sound! Don’t settle for indoor quality sound, outdoors. Throughout the past decade, we have seen a serious decline in indoor TV quality. As a result, sound has been pushed aside and left to suffice in a small, indoor room. Most indoor tvs and “repurposed” indoor/outdoor tvs have small, poor quality down-firing speakers, making it difficult for the listener to hear – especially in outdoor environments.

    As an Outdoor TV Manufacturer, we believe that big sound is very important to the outdoor entertaining experience. So, SkyVue offers custom sound bars built to enhance the entertaining experience. We strongly encourage purchasing the 20-Watt or the ultimate 60-Watt All Weather Outdoor speaker bars. Please note, when purchasing the 60 Watt speaker bar option, you will need one additional dedicated standard receptacle.


    Designer Color Options

    All of the new SkyVue PS Partial Sun models are offered in 9 designer colors. SkyVue TV’s have rugged and powder coated housings, which assures that your new SkyVue TV will be a perfect match with your outdoor space, while providing maximum protection.


    Closed Air Cooling System

    SkyVue PS models come standard with our proprietary Closed Air Cooling system giving the new PS models ample closed airflow, making it adaptable to partial or indirect sun applications. Additionally, the closed air system keeps the internal components of the TV, free from debris and other outdoor elements.


    Built-In Apps (Optional)

    SkyVue PS models are the smartest Real Outdoor Televisions available in the market. Instantly stream a variety of movies, games and music from your outdoor space. Enjoy having access to many of the world’s top-rated apps, which include Netflix, HBO-GO, Hulu Plus & more. To view photos on the display, simply connect your digital cameras, USB-enabled MP3 player, or USB storage device, and your media will be displayed in seconds.


    SkyVue Outdoor TV’s are IP Rated

    All SkyVue Outdoor TV’s have an International Rating of IP55. An IP rating is an International Standard that specifies the degree of protection against dust and water ingress. With a rating of IP55, SkyVue All- Weather Outdoor Televisions are built weather-tight to prevent any outdoor rain, water, snow, dust, or other elements from getting inside the TV.


    Standard 2-Year Warranty

    SkyVue PS Models come with a Standard 2-year warranty.

    Please note that table stands are an option for all SkyVue Outdoor models.

    Download Specifications PDF


    High Definition LED Display   High Brightness LED Panel - 500 Nits
    Resolution   1920 x 1080
    Contrast Ratio   4,000:1
    Power Requirements   AC 120V, 60 Hz
    Power Consumption  

    120W without speaker bar
    120W with 20 watt speaker bar

    160W with 60 watt speaker bar 

    Television Dimensions (without Speaker Bar)   39-3/4"(w) x 23-11/16"(h) x 3-1/2"(d)
    Television Dimensions (with Speaker Bar)   39-3/4"(w) x 26-27/32"(h) x 3-1/2"(d)
    Television Weight (without Speaker Bar)   45 lbs.
    Television Weight (with 40 watt Speaker Bar)   52 lbs.
    VESA Pattern   350mm x 350mm
    Smart Capable   Optional Built-In Roku Apps
    Warranty - Parts and Labor    2 Yrs.
    Ant / Cable   F type analog (VHF/UHF/CATV) (Digital Air / Cable)
    Component   Component In (R/L, Pr(Cr), PA(Cb), Y
    RS-232C   9 pin D-sub male connector
    USB   Photo / Music
    Audio In   Audio out (3.5mm jack)
    Audio Out   Coaxial SPDIF Audio Out
    VGA/PC in   Analog RGB (PC) In (15pin mini D-sub female connector)
    HDMI 1   HDMI
    HDMI 2   HDMI (MHL)
    HDMI 3   HDMI
    AV In   Video (Y), Audio L (W), Audio R (R)
    AV Audio Out   Audio L (W), Audio R (R)
    Added Features
    Internal Cooling System   Keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 140 degrees F (with power supplied)
    Optional 20w & 60w Speaker Bars
      Protects TV from temperatures as low a -24 degrees F (with power supplied)
    Innovative Water-tight Cable Entry System   Pass-through design keeps cables dry and allows for easy hook-ups (able to be locked)
    Anti-Glare/UV Coated Screens   Increases contrast and protects the LED screen from the sun's harmful rays
    Waterproof / Programmable Remote Control   Included with every TV purchase 

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    User Manual Download

    NXG Remote/RS-232 Codes Download


    What’s the Best Outdoor TV for Shaded Environments?

    How the SunBrite Veranda Stacks up Against SkyVue’s Partial Sun Series

    All Images are Unedited Comparisons of Quality in the Shade.
    All TVs have the same menus settings and are displaying the exact same source.

    Veranda Series
    • 271 Nits (Brightness) for Poor Daytime Viewing
    • 250-300 Nits is Common For Indoor Use
    • Uses Indoor Sharp TV Panel (LC-43UB30U)
    • Large Amounts of Glare and Reflection
    • Must Be Viewed in Covered Areas Only
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Made in China


    Partial Sun Series
    • 500 or 700 Nits (Brightness) for Exceptional Daytime Viewing
    • 9 Designer Color Options
    • Uses an Outdoor Rated Panel
    • Low Glare and Reflection
    • Can Be Viewed in Uncovered Areas
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Made in USA



    See the Comparison Video Here:

    SkyVue Outdoor TV

    SkyVue Outdoor TV

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