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46" Outdoor Portable Cart w/ Tilt Mount

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46" Outdoor Portable Cart w/ Tilt Mount

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Mount your new All-Weather SKYVUE TV on wheels so you can move it around to different locations or store it. You will find this PCTM-46 model to be the heaviest, strongest, and safest portable carts available. Weighs over 200 lbs.

If you would like the option of moving your outdoor TV around to different locations or if you need to store it in the garage, closet, or house when you leave for extended periods of time, the SkyVue 4252 Outdoor Cart is for you. This heavy duty portable cart incorporates our robust 46" deck post package. Added to this model are 4 stabilizing arms and 4 lockable caster wheels for easy and safe mobility. All of our heavy duty portable carts are powder coated for an extended outdoor life.  Some SkyVue customers who leave their homes for several months at a time really appreciate the fact that these carts are sized to fit through most residential doorways allowing them to bring their TV into a secure location before taking off. Additional SkyVue customers mentioned having 2 or 3 good places in to watch their SkyVue Outdoor TV and have truly benefited from the added mobility of this cart.


SkyVue Outdoor TV

SkyVue Outdoor TV

SkyVue LED Outdoor TV is Weatherproof. Perfect for Residential Entertainment and Commercial Digital Signage. Safe from rain, snow, heat, and more! Made in the USA.
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