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42" NXG Swivel Table Stand

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42" NXG Swivel Table Stand

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If you are going to put your 42" SkyVue TV on a table top surface, you will need to purchase this unique Swivel Table Stand. Designed to screw down to your table top for safety, and still provide swivel 45 degrees right and 45 degrees left.

For those wanting ease and safety in rotating the TV on a table stand to avoid direct sunlight glare, SkyVue offers a swivel table top stand with an all weather mounting base which provides 45 degrees of swivel to both the left and right. Once easily positioned, SkyVue's swivel table stand ensures security at the proper viewing angle. The bigger the TV and the more convenience you want in rotating your TV, the more you will appreciate this very unique all weather swivel stand. You probably don’t want your kids manhandling your 42" TV on the table top to adjust to the perfect angle, and with this swivel table top stand you can feel safe that your kids and you will be safe. This unique design provides for your SkyVue TV to swivel easily while still being safely secured to your table top. If your plan to install your SkyVue TV on a table top, this is an item you need to strongly consider. Our table top mount customers, just love this product! From the surface of your table, this stand will lift your LED SkyVue Outdoor TV 2-7/8 inches to the bottom of your television. The base of this 42" swivel stand is 11 1/8" front to back and 19 1/2" left to right.

SkyVue Outdoor TV

SkyVue Outdoor TV

SkyVue LED Outdoor TV is Weatherproof. Perfect for Residential Entertainment and Commercial Digital Signage. Safe from rain, snow, heat, and more! Made in the USA.
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