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SkyVue Introduces All-Weather HDTVs

all-weather hdtv skyvue SkyVue has launched a line of all-weather, high-definition NXG outdoor TVs that promise to revolutionize the concept of outdoor entertaining.


SkyVue’s debut line-up features LED flat-screen televisions designed to stand up to the rigors and unique conditions of the outdoors without compromising on quality. The company offers 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 65″, 70″, and 80 inch models with state-of-the-art engineering, safety features, and a warranty that is tough to beat.


The competitively priced outdoor TVs are sold exclusively on the company website at SkyVue skips the middle-men and big-box stores and sells factory direct from South Carolina. This ensures product quality and excellent customer service without the mark-up found on competitors’ products.


“Selling factory-direct supports and is consistent with our mission of delivering the best product at the best value to our customers,” said SkyVue founder and CEO Craig Sloan.


Whether it’s watching the game, practicing yoga under the heavens, duking it out in Wii boxing or simply providing a background of music or family photos, SkyVue televisions provide the ultimate outdoor viewing experience.

All-Weather HDTVs on Game Day

SkyVue televisions turn back decks like yours into Game Day Central. With easy hook-ups for DVD players, gaming systems & WiFi, you can take family game time or movie night outdoors. SkyVue makes any outdoor gathering more enjoyable. Some use theirs as the center of attention and others a provider of ambiance. These televisions also make smart additions to spas, boats, restaurants, bars, office & store entrances and other open-air spaces.

That Awful Glare is Gone!

SkyVue offers outdoor televisions that use LED panels, which produce vibrant picture quality, save on energy costs and are longer-lasting than convention LCD screens. Anti-reflective glass reduces outdoor glare and ambient light sensors auto-adjust the brightness for changing light conditions.


SkyVue’s innovative features include: “Big Sound High Wattage Outdoor Speaker Bar”, for the best audio quality among the competition; And waterproof, floatable remote controls that make these ideal for your pool area. SkyVue’s audio is head and shoulders above any other Outdoor TV product made today.


Also available are a full line-up of accessories including mounts, covers, connectors & TV security alarm devices. SkyVue manufactures its product line from its factory in Rock Hill, South Carolina (in the Charlotte, NC region). See SkyVue’s gallery here for some great ideas.


To shop for your new SkyVue Outdoor TV, follow this link.