SkyVue Announces Optically Bonded Digital Signage

SkyVue Announces Optically Bonded Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital SignageFriday, June 5th, SkyVue announced their newest series of weatherproof televisions. SkyVue’s first model to be offered in Portrait Orientation. Protected by an optically bonded layer of anti-glare glass, the SkyVue OBX series is the perfect solution for commercial outdoor digital signage and residential applications. Available sizes are 47″, and 55″. The OBX 42″ will be launched at a later date. These SkyVue optically bonded weatherproof televisions have the AV experts & businesses lining up to see the difference!


Optically Bonded – SkyVue OBX

Skyvue Announces Optically Bonded Outdoor Digital Signage

The Glass

The anti-glare/anti-reflective glass SkyVue uses is optically bonded to the LED panel creating an enhanced viewing experience, PLUS it adds even better protection! Imagine a lifetime with lower than 3% reflection & glare.

The Bezel

SkyVue’s bezel is slim for the aesthetically-pleasing signage look. Perfect for restaurants & bars, sports stadiums, and theme parks.

The Competition

The gap of air between the glass and panel that most competitor’s TVs offer promotes glass & panel shattering as they have more room for the glass to give in the event of impact. A clear shot below of how SkyVue’s new OBX dominates one of the leading market competitors. For more information about Optical Bonding VS Air Gap, go to SkyVue’s new OBX learning center for a quick tidbit of vital information.


SkyVue Announces Optically Bonded Digital Signage


The OBX eliminates the gap with a special optical resin which greatly minimizes reflection & condensation, while disabling the chance of heat build-up. It’s safe to say SkyVue has outdone it again!


Watch this brief video to see live footage of our TV right next to one of our biggest competitors:

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