optical bonded tv

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Why Choose Optical Bonding?

Optical bonding is the gold standard for outdoor display protection and optical clarity. Optical bonding is a laboratory procedure that bonds a piece of strengthened glass to the front of an HDTV display. The application uses an optical grade special formulated color indexed adhesive that enhances picture clarity, making the display clearly readable when penetrated by the sun.

The special formulated silicone fills the gap of air between the back of the glass and the front of the panel, thus reducing and sometimes eliminating multiple bad reflection angles caused from the different lightinflection points (parallax effect).

Only the real outdoor display manufacturers optically bond their digital signage, so if you’re in the market for the best, be sure to do your homework.


    • Decreases Reflection by almost 8%
    • Adds a Layer of Impact Protection
    • Increases Viewing Angles
    • No Trapped Heat like Air Gap TV’s
    • No Condensation like Air Gap TV’s
    • Increases Contrast Ratio

Protection with No Reflection

Air Gap (non-bonded) vs. Optically Bonded

SkyVue takes pride in being the most innovative outdoor display manufacturer in the industry. When researching the design of the OBX Series, simple studies allowed us to determine the best methodology and process for using protective glass on our outdoor displays. We determined that air gapped glass solutions had several detrimental attributes relating to clarity and protection.

Air gapped displays glue a protective piece of glass to the perimeter of the display, creating an air gap between the glass and the panel. Our studies concluded that the air-gapped configuration causes light to reflect in and out at several angles, distorting the image quality and sacrificing optical clarity in any ambient light condition, including direct sunlight. Total reflection of an air-gapped display is up to 10.5%.


Optically Bonded displays are superior to air-gapped displays simply based on optical physics and human vision. Optically bonded displays have the highest standard of optical quality, as the bonding agent enhances the clarity by filling in the gap of air that would otherwise distort the picture quality. Optical bonding maximizes strength, which enables the OBX line to perform in the roughest of environments. SkyVue’s OBX innovative design minimizes reflection to 3%.


Watch OBX Blow Away the Competition

Perfect for Residential or Commercial

Portrait & Landscape Orientations Available

Tailor your Skyvue and modernize your outdoor space with SkyVue’s OBX series, available in both Portrait and Landscape options. Portrait works great for restaurant or food truck menus, kiosks, maps, and more. Landscape works great for restaurants, stadiums, back yards, patios, gazebos and outdoor kitchens. So, choose the location that’s best for you and purchase accordingly!

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