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It all starts with the design. Indoor TVs are designed for the controllable, mild, dry, quiet and temperate indoors. SkyVue outdoor TVs have been designed for the wet, hot, cold, dirt, insects and the ever-changing extreme conditions presented by Mother Nature.

SkyVue only uses HD LED video displays that use 40 percent less electricity, are more durable and will last twice as long as standard flat-panel LCD displays. And it’s a fact: you need a lot more audio volume when watching TV outdoors. SkyVue TVs have up to 7 1/2 times the total audio watts of any other competitor when using the SkyVue “big  sound” speaker bar. Indoor TV’s have a total of 14-17 watts of audio which is just adequate in most indoor settings, but don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t need considerably more volume when watching TV outdoors.

No, and neither are our major competitors in the outdoor TV market today. The SkyVue TV has been designed for permanent outdoor installation, and it can handle the extremes of Mother Nature – hot, cold, wet and dry – but it was not designed to be submersed in water.

SkyVue TVs were designed from the start to be permanently installed outdoors. Our specially designed aluminum powder coated TV enclosures keep out water, dirt, and insects, which prevents potential damage to the electronic controls.

SkyVue TV’s will operate in conditions up to 130 degrees and down to -28 degrees Fahrenheit. These dramatic temperature extremes are made possible by the proprietary dual- and quad-filtered fan system in combination with SkyVue’s proprietary internal heater system.

Manufacturer’s recommended installation is to have at least 7-9 degrees downward tilt. Failure to do so will cause irreversible damage and void the warranty.

SkyVue TVs come standard with a 2 year in-plant parts and labor warranty when TV is used for residential applications or commercial applications, which starts at the date of purchase.

Yes, extended warranties of up to 3 years are available from SkyVue, however, this extended warranty is only available at the time when you purchase your new SkyVue TV.

1. Safety
2. Durability
3. LED high-bright display
4. SkyVue has designed and manufactured a full line of outdoor speaker bars. Ranging from 40 watts to an impressive 150 watts, your viewing experience will truly be one enhanced.
5. Longevity. SkyVue TVs are designed and built to last, so you will get years of enjoyment from your investment.

1. Higher brightness and contrast ratios – big advantage when viewing in the very bright outdoors.
2. Require 40 percent less power
3. Lower internal heat emissions
4. Longevity – twice the life expectancy when compared to a regular LCD HD flat panel display

SkyVue developed an easy-to-get-to, all-weather cable-entry system that keeps the ends of cables dry and at the same time allows for easy hook-up.

SkyVue TVs are designed to be permanently installed in the outdoors. However, if you want to keep your SkyVue TV looking better and cleaner over its useful life, you should cover it when it’s not in use. It’s like a car – to best preserve its original condition, you should garage or cover it, but you don’t have to. All-weather covers are available to purchase with every SkyVue Outdoor TV.

One of our competitors ships a standard indoor-designed remote control that when left out in the elements will quickly become useless, because it’s an indoor remote control. Another competitor states that theirs are weather resistant, but it doesn’t float. SkyVue remote controls are designed not only to be waterproof, but also floatable. If you are in a spa surfing channels or accidently drop the remote in the pool, you will really appreciate a SkyVue remote control.

It’s a fact: You need considerably more volume when watching TV outdoors. This became very obvious as we conducted extensive testing all of the competitive products. The answer was to design a “big sound” speaker bar (up to 150Watts of superior sound quality) of that would mount on the top of SkyVue TVs. Audio and video are the two most important things in watching TV, inside or out. Movie theaters understand the importance of audio very well. Great audio makes a world of difference in your viewing enjoyment.

Most people initially think about watching the Big Game outdoors with friends and family, but SkyVue Outdoor TVs provide much more than that. SkyVue TV gives you a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. You have the opportunity to play with your kids or grandkids a great game of Wii Bowling, Duck Hunt or hundreds of other fun video games available today OUTDOORS. You have the opportunity to hook up karaoke at your next awesome party. If you ever participated in karaoke, you know the need for good, strong audio. You also have the opportunity to show off in high definition the amazing photos of you and your family on your last vacation or play your favorite iPod songs. If you want to make your workouts more enjoyable, you have the opportunity to take your work-outs outside for a whole new experience.

Our mission statement is to offer the best outdoor TV for the best price. We take our mission statement seriously in every step from designing our product, to choosing between outsourcing or doing it ourselves in our own plant, to choosing not to market through middlemen by selling exclusively factory direct, our company is capitalized with no debt and committed in keeping a very lean overhead cost structure. That adds up to our ability to offer the best TV and the best value. You won’t find us the lowest-priced or the highest-priced, but you will find us the best value for the best TV. This strict commitment to our mission statement combined with our passion and desire to provide the best customer service provides SkyVue TV customers with a great experience.

FACT: No one knows our product better than we do. We have designed it, we build it every day and we stand behind it. We take this seriously because ultimately we live or die by our performance. If you purchase a product from any middleman (Best Buy, Frontgate or an online retailer), you will never get the direct answers and knowledge that we have on our products. Not only is buying direct a better value for the person writing the check, but you will also end up with a better experience dealing with people who intimately understand the importance of the performance of their product.

SkyVue TVs are made in our plant in South Carolina. We must charge sales tax if we ship it to an address in the state of South Carolina. When we ship outside of South Carolina, we do not have to charge sales tax. State sales tax should be considered by anyone purchasing a high ticket item. Big national companies with assets and operations in other states must charge sales tax to purchases in those states, and also the local audio video supplier in your local area must abide by these same sales tax laws. All those reasons are why we like saving you money on sales tax by selling direct.

If you don’t have confidence that you can install your own SkyVue TV properly, we advise you to find someone who can. Audio-visual installers and electricians are in most cases a very capable crowd. For installation, you pay them only for the hours they work. If you decide to purchase an outdoor TV from them, however, be prepared to pay more for your TV, because of the middleman mark-up. Also keep this in mind: installers and electricians are normally in the same state as you, which means you will be on the hook for state sales tax if you elect to purchase your outdoor TV from them.

No. Outdoor television is a small market and we, like our competitors, have our electronic components made in Asia. We do, however, manufacture our housings and assemble our televisions in our plant in South Carolina.

SkyVue TV is owned by Craig Sloan. Sloan founded a design, manufacturing and sales company called The GSI Group out of college in 1972 and grew it over the next 33 years to a small multi-national market leading company with 2,000-plus employees. In the spring of 2005, Sloan sold his company to a Boston private equity group. Since then, Sloan has discovered that he is not golfer or a fisherman, and he has naturally reverted back to his basic love of starting up and running new companies. Sloan was fortunate to do very well with his previous company and has established SkyVue TV capitalization with no debt. The SkyVue plant has numerous fabrication and assembly machines to produce outdoor TVs and enough inventory components to build a lot of outdoor TVs with no debt obligations.

In 1998, Mr. Sloan purchased an outdoor TV for a roof top property he owns in uptown Charlotte, N.C. He researched it on the web, and ended up buying the cheapest outdoor TV that he could find. When he received it, he was shocked that it came in a regular Vizio TV box. Being so disgusted that he paid X times what he could of bought a Vizio at Wall Mart for, he immediately disassembed the TV, and found Guerilla Duct Tape covering the heat escape ventilation holes on the Vizio TV. The TV had no fan ventilation system added to the housing to remove the damaging heat buildup created by the electronics. Indoor TV’s back housings have lots and lots of vent holes so this damaging heat can escape before it damages the electronics. He really felt ripped off, and when his TV shot craps a little over a year later from internal heat buildup, the rest of the story is history. Mr. Sloan teamed up with Joe Wiley, an experienced audio/electronics professional, and they started making plans to design and market the best outdoor TV at the best value. And by the way, all of the best outdoor TV’s made today have special ventilation systems, and no Duct tape!

SkyVue TV’s mission statement is: sell the best outdoor TV for the best value. While it would be prestigious to sell our product through large national retailers and catalog, but nothing comes for free. Big national retailers have big overheads to support, and they need high product mark-ups to make a profit to keep their shareholders happy. SkyVue TV is concerned only about its customers (the ones who will be using the product), and Sloan believes that if you take care of your customers, your company ownership will be happy in the end. SkyVue TV would rather skip the mark-up that a middleman needs to make a profit and pass that savings along to its customers. This is referred to as factory-direct marketing. Also, big national companies have assets in most U.S. states, and if they have assets in a state, they must charge sales tax. SkyVue charges state sales tax only when it ships products to residents in South Carolina. Sales tax can be significant amount when you purchase an outdoor TV and its accessories. In our opinion, the best value way for a manufacture like SkyVue to sell its product in today’s niche outdoor TV market is via the web and factory direct. Lastly, do you remember the last time you tried to get technical information on a product you purchased through a middleman when you had a problem? At SkyVue, we design our products, we make our product, we sell our product, we service our product and we stand behind our product. Our performance on a daily basis determines our success.

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