Consider Brightness SkyVue nit

Consider Brightness When Investing in an Outdoor TV

Consider Brightness SkyVue nit

Often times we get asked: What are nitsNit: A measurement of luminance, or the intensity of visible light. One nit is equal to one candela per square meter. Nits are used to describe the brightness of LED Outdoor TV displays. You should always consider brightness before you think about bringing a TV outside!

So what does this mean exactly?

The number of nits are easily described when talking about LED TV panels. The average nit count for indoor televisions is between 250 and 350 nits. SkyVue makes their outdoor TVs ranging from 500 nits (Bright) to 700 nits (Ultra Bright). This allows for increased visibility while your Outdoor TV goes through it’s daily ‘sunny situations’.

If you were to bring your indoor TV outside on your patio, you would notice the display to be very dim looking compared to when you have your TV inside. This is because there are simply not enough nits in your indoor TVs display! Make sure while choosing which outdoor TV to invest in, to choose a TV that will supply you with enough nits for ideal clarity.

250 nit Indoor TVs

Above the many reasons your should never take your indoor tv outside, the first and foremost thing you will notice if you were to take your indoor TV outside is that your indoor TV will look dull due to the 250 nit panel display duking it out with mother nature’s natural rays.

500 nit Outdoor TVs (Bright)

There are 2 models available that provide you with 500 nits. The NXG and the NXG-DS500. The base NXG model is perfect for your more shady areas while the NXG-DS500 model is more suited for areas that get some direct sun.

700 nit Outdoor TVs (Ultra Bright)

SkyVue offers its NXG-DS700 model that can withstand extra high heat and direct sun all day long with a maximum viewing experience. These TVs are ideal for hot environments that get direct sun the majority of the day. The sun doesn’t stand a chance against these solid 700 nit displays.

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