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The Buyer’s Guide to Investing in an Outdoor TV

buyers guide to investing in an outdoor tvThe process of buying an outdoor TV usually begins with researching what the differences are in outdoor TVs and indoor TVs. Next, comes researching what different brands offer weatherproof televisions. Finally you look at benefits, features, and pricing to come to a decision. After years of constant experimentation, testing and feedback from our customers, SkyVue has come up with the perfect Buyer’s Guide to Investing in an Outdoor TV.


Once you know you would like to invest in an outdoor television, here is the Buyer’s Guide to all things you should consider.

1. Do Your Research

There are only a handful of companies that offer Outdoor Televisions. However, there is only one absolute manufacturer of Outdoor TVs. Make sure you research the differences between companies first. SkyVue hand-fabricates all of our weatherproof televisions in Rock Hill, SC. Next, you’ll want to find the differences between the models offered by SkyVue. You can compare here:


2. Your Environment

Outdoor Televisions can be the perfect fit for many places. We often see them used on covered patios, by the pool, and on boats. The amount of sunlight your TV will be getting can determine which model you should choose. When a TV has hours of direct sunlight, you may need a TV that has a brighter LED panel (700 nits) and a cooling system. A TV that will be under an awning of some type may only require a SkyVue with a 500 nit bright panel. Also keep dimensions in mind. For example, the 42″ NXG Smart TV without Speaker Bar is 39-3/4″ (width) x 23-11/16″ (height) x 3-1/2″ (depth). Each product page on SkyVue’s website offers easy-to-use drawings of the SkyVue Outdoor TV dimensions under the “Tech. Specifications” tabs.


3. Fan Cooling

The Best outdoor TVs have cooling fans. This is essential because like most electronics, televisions can overheat in the sun! Make sure your outdoor TV is equipped with one of these if your TV is going to be under direct sunlight. The NXG-DS500 and the NXG-DS700 both are equipped with these fans keeping your TV cool on the hottest of days.


4. Brightness

You should always consider brightness when investing in an outdoor television. When the sun’s rays are beating down on your TV screen, it can make it more difficult to see. Make sure your outdoor television has a 500 – 700 nit display (learn what nits are here). This is important because the sun can make the display appear washed out if you have an average indoor TV brightness. SkyVue offers their NXG and their NXG-DS500 that have 500 nits. Also available is the NXG-DS700 which is Ultra Bright in extra sunny environments.


5. Clarity

Clarity is very important when choosing the outdoor TV right for you. That’s why you should consider pixel resolution. You often hear about big flat screen televisions being ‘1080p’. Most people can say it is common knowledge that 1080p is better! But better than what? Better than 720p and lower. To see an explanation of Pixel Resolution and why 1080p is important, click here.

6. Color

The color of your outdoor television can make a HUGE impact on your how your outdoor space looks to your guests. Many companies only offer minimal options in colors. ie. black, white & gray. SkyVue offer 9 designer colors that can really make your outdoor space pop! The 9 designer colors offered by SkyVue Outdoor TVs are Satin Black, White, Sandstone, Slate Gray, Terra Copper, Mint Green, Hunter Green, Patriot Blue, and Dark Brown.


7. Don’t Forget Sound

Have you ever been in a quiet office or living room for over an hour, and then you step outside and you notice how much louder it really is outside? Traffic moving, kids playing, wind blowing. In fact, you may have never thought about this, but when we go outside, our conversations with each other naturally become louder so that we can both hear above the new noises in our environments. This is why it is essential to have a speaker system that is loud and clear! SkyVue offers big sound Speaker Bars with every TV up to 150 watts! This provides you and your guests with the Audio Punch needed to hear even the quietest moments of your shows & movies.


As we wrap up our Buyer’s Guide to Investing in an Outdoor TV, we hope this will help you in making your future outdoor TV purchase decision. We invite you to start shopping at our online store today to experience the SkyVue Advantages.


More questions? Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info!